Roof Inspection Service in Goldsboro, NC

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or you just need to ensure your home’s safety, Wayne Sanchez Roofing will perform your roof inspection in Goldsboro, NC. Our roof inspection service is thorough, so you’ll be sure to know your roof’s strengths and weaknesses after we complete our work.

Reliable Roofing Inspections

At Wayne Sanchez Roofing, we are experts in all things roofing. With more than 20 years serving North Carolina homeowners, we know just what hazards your roof may be subject to. We can tell if your roof will withstand a bad hurricane season or if it is likely to fail. We’ll give you full details on the problems with your roof, along with what we need to do to fix it.

We perform roof inspections for a variety of situations, including:

  • Before a storm
  • After a storm
  • Before you buy a house
  • Before you sell a house
  • After experiencing leaks
  • For insurance purposes

Whatever the context of your roof inspection, we will look for signs of damage as well as natural wear and tear. We will check every element of your roof, from the shingles and flashing to the gutters and skylights. Because all of these things play into the quality of your roof, we make sure to inspect them thoroughly to ensure the safety of your household.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

If our inspection of your roof does reveal problems, you can count on us to perform the necessary maintenance and repairs to fix the problem. Whether you need us to replace a couple of shingles or to install a whole new roof, we guarantee that our quality workmanship will lead to your satisfaction. We offer better quality, timing, and prices than other roofing companies in the area do.

If you need roofing services for your home near Goldsboro, NC, contact us today by filling out our contact form.